27 May 2005


New Lodge author launches eagerly anticipated novel

Award-winning New Lodge writer Sam Millar is launching a new novel after the phenomenal success of his H-Block book On The Brinks.

The Redemption Factory is the latest offering from the New Lodge man and tells the tale of a man who kills a man he suspects of being an informer but later doubts his actions. Some 16-years later he meets the man’s son and the action unfolds.
An anthology of short stories from Sam Millar, William Trevor and Anne McCaffrey is also being considered for nomination for the prestigious International Hugo Awards, this August.
Sam Millar said he was delighted by some excellent reviews in the Irish and British press for his new offering.
But is his book set with the backdrop of the conflict?
“No I didn’t say where it was. It can be any country in the world and people can read into it,” he said.
“It’s about a man who kills a man he believes is an informer. He’s killed informers before and believes he’s doing the right thing and has no qualms. But he starts to doubt if this man really was an informer and soon realises that he has killed a guy who is innocent and has been set up. He later meets his son.”
Sam Millar will be available for a signing of his new book on Saturday June 11 at 12.30pm. The novel is published by Brandon Books and priced £6.00.
“It will make an excellent Father’s Day present,” said its author.

Journalist:: Andrea McKernon

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