11 June 2005

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Posted today by P.R.O. Na Fianna Eireann and sent to me by macliam73

Fianna Attacked and Arrested after Frank Gartland Function

Members of Na Fianna, supporters and members of RSF were in a senior member of Na Fianna's house in Tallaght celebrating the success of the Frank Gartland Tribute night on Friday. The celebrations went on into the early hours. At approximately 05.45 members of the ERU (Emergency Response Unit) and members of the Special Branch appeared at the living room and kitchen windows brandishing handguns. There were calls for the front door to be opened; while the Fian was in the process of unlocking the front door, it was broken in on top of him by battery ram. Fianna members and RSF members were kicked and beaten and had 9mm handguns shoved in their faces. Fianna supporters in the house also had guns pointed at them and received kicks and punches.
Na Fianna and others present struggled with the Free Staters and tried to defend themselves but received only harsher beatings for this. The people who were not members of Na Fianna were then locked in a room under armed guard while the house was ransacked and sleeping Fians and supporters were dragged downstairs to receive the same treatment as their comrades.

RSF members from Kerry and from the 6 occupied counties were then both arrested under section 30 of the offences against the state act and taken to Tallaght barracks. The occupants of the house were held captive there for more than two hours.

We hope to show you the photographs of just some of the injuries received by those present in the house. It is Na Fianna's opinion that this was an attempt by the 26 county Free State to steal the money raised from the function in as they did with the money raised by RSF at the Ard Fheis.

A member of Na Fianna with Cerebal Palsy was also assaulted. He was thrown over a sofa which caused him to hit his head on some banisters. He was then kicked in the head above the hairline; if that wasn't enough he then had an ERU member stand on his head for about 5 minutes. He was also repeatedly searched and refused permission to use the toilet.

The two RSF members arrested are still in custody at this time.

The cot of the Fian's baby (less than 6 months old) was dismantled and then irreparably damaged.

When asked for Identification a number of Gardai replied "*Expletive Deleted* off" and "go *Expletive Deleted* yourself".

No warrant was shown.

Several of those present were handcuffed for the duration of the attack.

This was not a simple raid, this was an attack. This is the kind of behaviour suffered in the 6 counties by Nationalists and Republicans from the RUC and their ilk.

Photos to come.

Added by Celtic1981

The houses of the two people arrested were later on raided by the Special Branch and they took away bodhrans, mirrors and hankies. In the case of one of the people arrested, 6 branchmen raided the house and dug up his garden. While the men were being interrogated by the Special Branch the branchmen continually asked them to become informers and questioned them about the ballad night. The idea behind the raid was to try and take the money raised but they never got it. The members of the 26 County police arrived in a Ford Fiesta and the ERU arrived in a white transit van complete with ladders. This was clearly an attempt by the free to try to harass and intimidate us but we will never fear them nor will we ever give up the fight for a United Ireland so their attempts are all in vain.

Fianna Éireann Abú

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