14 October 2005

Snatched lizard could die without his courgettes

Belfast Telegraph

By Marie Foy
14 October 2005

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Google says they look something like this

An unusual pet lizard - which can grow to up to 3-ft - has been snatched from a Co Antrim shop- and its owner is worried about its welfare.

Lee-Ann McCormick (23), from Larne, says that her Egyptian Uromastyx needs a lot of tender loving care.

And she is anxious to get her 18cm, charcoal grey, pet back to make sure it is properly looked after.

The lizard was swiped from a tank in the Family Petz Store in the town's Main Street a few weeks ago and nothing has been heard since.

"I bought the lizard as a partner for my other lizard, called Tortie because his face looks like a tortoise.

"But they didn't get on and when my boyfriend had to have an operation I couldn't look after him, both lizards and my five cats as well, Lee-Ann said.

"I asked the shop, where my boyfriend works part-time, if they could keep the lizard for me for a while but it was stolen one Saturday afternoon. It looks like someone came into the shop and took it.

And Lee-Ann is worried that without specialist care the lizard could die.

"They are vegetarians and need the right food, like courgettes and snap peas.

"They need to be kept in really high temperatures during the day and have lots of ultra-violet light."

Anyone who can help with the return of the lizard should call 028 2827 8931.

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