04 February 2006

Adams demands restoration of devolution


04/02/2006 - 13:53:09

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams today called for an end to the rhetoric surrounding the peace process, insisting devolution had to be restored within a short time-frame.

With all-party talks planned for Monday, Mr Adams said the Democratic Unionist Party had to be given the chance to voice their ideas and concerns and added that republicans were willing to listen attentively.

“This party stands ready to work with the DUP. We do so already in Councils across the North and we did in the Assembly when it functioned,” Mr Adams said.

“Each day British direct-rule Ministers take decisions on spending reviews, health, education, the environment, energy and other matters which adversely effect every citizen in the North and have a knock-on effect throughout the whole island.

“The DUP’s refusal to work with Sinn Féin in government is allowing this to continue.”

In an address to the national conference of Ogra Shinn Féin in Dublin, Mr Adams noted that a new round of talks would begin in earnest on Monday. And he said Sinn Féin would listen to the concerns and ideas of the DUP and the other parties.

“But the main objective of these talks has to be to end the suspension of the political institutions within a short time-frame,” the Sinn Féin leader insisted.

“The two governments have received that very clear message from us. Now is the time for the two governments to act. Rhetoric is not enough.”

Mr Adams made his comments as the DUP met in Belfast for their annual party conference. The Reverend Ian Paisley told delegates that the party would work with all democrats regardless of their background but not those with links to criminality and terror.

Challenged with Sinn Féin claims that the DUP was not interested in working with Catholic politicians in the North he said: “To those who say we will not work with our Roman Catholic fellow countrymen, let me say that we will work with all democrats, regardless of where they come from, but we will have no truck with those who pursue terror and criminality.”

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