04 February 2006

Republican under threat from dissidents

Daily Ireland

**Via Newshound

by Ciarán Barnes

GardaÍ have warned a Co Kerry republican that his life is under threat from the Continuity IRA.
Detectives called to John O’Shea’s home in Ballylongford last week to warn him of the death threat.
They said he was being targeted by dissident republicans.
The 45-year-old is a former member of Republican Sinn Féin, the Continuity IRA’s political wing, who resigned in the summer.
Mr O’Shea quit after a dispute over funding for Continuity IRA prisoners jailed on Portlaoise’s E4 landing.
Last August, ten of the inmates resigned from the Continuity IRA complaining their families were not getting financial help from Republican Sinn Féin.
Their departure caused a major split in Continuity IRA and Republican Sinn Féin ranks with mass resignations throughout Ireland.
The entire Republican Sinn Féin cumann in Ballylongford left the party, joining the new Concerned Group for Republican Prisoners (CGRP).
Since joining the CGRP, Mr O’Shea says he has received threatening telephone calls from Continuity IRA members.
At Christmas, he was forced to change his home telephone number because of the frequency of the calls. Undeterred though, he continues to collect money for the families of inmates on E4.
Mr O’Shea told Daily Ireland that although worried by the death threats he has no plans to end his prisoner work. He said: “I’ve been part of the republican movement since I was 16 years-old and I’m not going to walk away now.
“I’m taking these latest threats seriously, but I will not allow the Continuity IRA to stop me working for the E4 prisoners.
“I am calling on those targeting me to leave me alone. I pose no threat to anyone.”

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