17 March 2006

Orange Order issues first St Patrick's Day message

17/03/2006 - 08:45:42

The Orange Order has issued its first ever St Patrick's Day message saying the festival should be about more than just green beer and leprechauns.

The Order said St Patrick’s message is in danger of being lost and today should be a day of Christian reflection and re-dedication to Biblical standards and morality.

It also said that it is greatly concerned by the breakdown of morality in our society, such as the recent introduction of civil partnerships.

The Order does condemn violence and hatred towards homosexuals but notes that the Bible condemns homosexual practices as well as heterosexual immorality.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Armagh has called for all Irish people to hold out the hand of friendship to the many ethnic minorities living here.

Archbishop Brady said by doing so, we will reflect the real meaning of Saint Patrick , who himself was a migrant.

He said we should be mindful of the many people like Saint Patrick living among us, in an effort to build a society that welcomes the cultures and traditions of others.

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