12 May 2006

Family’s 33 year fight for justice continues


Ann Marie McDowell is calling for a reinvestigation of the murder of her 12-year-old brother, Anthony

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usA sister of the youngest person to be shot dead by the British army in Ardoyne has demanded the incident be reinvestigated, 33 years after his death.
Twelve-year-old Anthony (Tony) McDowell was travelling in a car with his uncle Michael in Ardoyne having returned from visiting relatives in Craigavon when British army soldiers opened fire on the vehicle, fatally wounding Anthony.
No one was ever brought to justice and Ann Marie McDowell believes that a cover up took place that denied her family justice.
“At the time daddy brought the British army to court over the shooting but the judge didn’t want to know. What we want now is another investigation and to hear what justification the British army are saying they had to shoot a 12-year-old boy.
“Tony was the youngest person to die in the district and 33 years later our family have still had no justice. We want to see the case reopened – he was only a child and the Para’s shot him. Whoever did this has to be brought to justice,” she said.
Supporting the McDowell family in their calls for a new investigation is the Ardoyne Commemoration Project (ACP). Tom Holland from the group believes the British government has a lot of questions to answer.
“Anthony Mc Dowell was one of five Ardoyne residents murdered by the British army's Parachute Regiment over a two-month period between March and May 1973 and it is clear from the facts that this particular regiment was sent into Ardoyne with an objective to intimidate, frighten, terrorise, and murder people.
“Anthony Mc Dowell was the youngest Ardoyne victim during the conflict, 12 years of age.
“Not only did the British army murder him but it then proceeded to deny that its members killed him, they arrested his uncle who was in the vehicle they fired on, claimed that Anthony and his uncle had fired at the British army, blamed the IRA for firing the shots that killed Anthony and attacked the family home firing rubber bullets later that night,” said Tom Holland.
“This was a clear case of the British army acting with impunity.
“Like the other four killings they were responsible for during this two-month period, the British army knew it was answerable to no one.”
“No soldiers were arrested, questioned, charged or convicted for their actions. The police failed to properly investigate any of these killings, the judiciary failed to properly probe the circumstances and the politicians failed to assist the families to have access to the truth surrounding their loved one's deaths.”
The ACP reject claims from the British establishment that such actions were carried out by individuals who were not acting under orders.
“This was not a case of a few ‘rotten apples' or occasional ‘mistakes'. This was British security policy being played out on the streets of Ardoyne.”
Tom Holland said the British government had never acknowledged its role in the conflict.
“The British state killed more than 1,500 people, both directly and indirectly through its collusion with unionist paramilitaries.
“Justice for the family of Anthony McDowell means the British government telling the truth surrounding the murder of their loved one.
“The McDowell family deserve nothing less than our total support in their quest for the truth.”

Journalist:: Evan Short

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