16 November 2006

Looking to political progress at Edentubber anniversary

Newty Democra

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

OVER 2,000 people attended the 49th anniversary of Edentubber on Sunday where they heard senior Sinn Féin member Martina Anderson say the St Andrew's Agreement provides an opportunity to move the stagnant political situation forward.

Republicans from across Ireland were there to remember the night of November 11, 1957, when Paul Smith from Bessbrook, Oliver Craven from Newry, Michael Watters from Ravensdale and George Keegan and Paddy Parle from Wexford were killed when a bomb exploded prematurely.

Relatives of the five men heard Ms Anderson, a Sinn Féin Ard Comhairle member, tell the crowd that the spin and hype which followed the St Andrew's discussions has been replaced by a more sober analysis of what the two governments produced.

"The reality remains that Sinn Féin want to see progress made," she said. We want to see the political institutions back in place. We want to see Ian Paisley finally abandon the sectarian politics with which he has become synonymous and embrace a new way forward for politics on this island.

"What we went to St Andrew's looking for, and what is required, is not another agreement, but an implementation plan for the one we already have and the one already endorsed overwhelmingly by the people of Ireland.

"In remembering those who died 49 years ago in Edentubber let us take on this task readily, with determination and with container loads of energy, following the example of the people down the years who gave their lives in pursuance of this struggle".

On behalf of the Sinn Féin leadership, Ms Anderson extended her deepest condolences to the family, friends and comrades of IRA volunteer Gerald Fearon who died in a car crash two weeks ago.

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